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Our village Rače is 16 km far from Maribor. It lies on Dravsko polje in the middle of woods and fields where you can watch the untouched nature next to the beautiful ponds. When you are on the way through this beautiful scenery take your time to get to know our village and its surraundings.

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The largest and the most important place worth seeing is the old castle  with the museum and the cinema. At the museum there you can see the exibition of historical remains and at he cinema there is a movie every Sunday. From time to time there are olso different performances, organizied by the primary school pupils or the inhabitants of the village. We have also got an almost new church, a police station and a fire brigade.
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Our small children have got a beautiful kindergarten. School compulsory children visit our modern primary school.
Osnovna šola RAČE
Just next to the primary school there is a wellknown chemical factory TKI Pinus Rače where a lot of inhabitants find their work.
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Lots of the inhabitants are farmers, who are occupied with catlle-breeding and agriculture. You can see a lot of nice farms in Rače.
If you are interested in sport, you can play tennis or football. We have got a nice tennis court and a goot football field.
Teniško igrišče
And just at the end we invite you to see our beautiful inns where you can get a good meal and a drink and finally, when you have got any money left you can spend it in our shops.
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Sabina & Miki

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